Marco Martín
Blake Stirling
Our Philosophy
“We only design great golf courses.” That is the Stirling & Martin goal when designing any golf project- “ to produce a golfing experience where all levels of golfers yearn to repeat it over and over.” We as Golf Course Architects, Stirling & Martin then have created not only fabulous courses but also an “all-win” situation for our clients.

We approach all golf projects as nature as our ultimate guide. Designing with nature we produce some of the most beautiful and memorable golf courses ever. Within each golf course is; challenge, fun, intrigue, and endless variety to obtain the optimum golfing grounds with the available resources. With our detailed and precise golf design plans and specifications, and proper construction supervision,we exceed everyone´s expectations involved in any golf course development, and always within budget.

The Architects

Blake Stirling has been working as a Golf Course Architect for over 22 years. He has designed some of the best and well known golf courses in Europe, Asia, and the United States. He and Marco Martin have teamed together for 12 years, creating masterpieces. Prior to joining up with Martin, Stirling worked as a Senior Designer for famed architects, namely Perry and Pete Dye and Desmond Muirhead. He has worked on over 160 golf projects around the world. He is educated in Landscape Architecture and Business.

Marco Martin has been working in golf course design and construction for over 18 years, working internationally in all types of site conditions. Along with Blake Stirling, Marco Martin has co-designed some of the best golf courses in Spain. Graduated as a Civil / Agricultural Engineer he is known for his enthusiasm for golf and his attention to details during supervising golf construction and building.

Two great designers give twice strength to the value of a signature brand synonymous of credibility, security and leadership.

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